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Be the envy of your football friends with a stylish NFL Folding Tailgate Chair & never be without a seat to the game again!

A Coleman NFL folding tailgate cooler chair featuring the colors and logo of the Arizona Cardinals football team.

Welcome football fan! 

Looking for the best NFL folding tailgate chair featuring your favorite NFL football team colors and logo? Below we review the best folding chairs for NFL sporting events around, including the best selling Coleman and Rawlings sporting chairs.

The Benefits of a Folding Tailgate Chair

A lightweight, foldable chair, customized in your NFL team, is a must have piece of gear for your tailgate party, backyard BBQ or for those times when you simply want to show off your team colors at home and create the ultimate game time experience. 

Comfortable to sit on and easy to put up (as well as collapsible in seconds), NFL folding tailgate chairs take up hardly any storage space at home, plus their lightweight frames mean they're a breeze to pack into your car or truck. They're simple to carry too, as all the folding tailgate chairs we feature come complete with a handy matching carrying case.

The Best Folding Tailgate Chair: Your Main Options

So, what are your best folding tailgate chair options? Below we've hand picked our favorites. 

All featured chairs are made of quality canvas/polyester with powder-coated steel frames and come with handy carrying cases.

Coleman NFL Cooler Quad Tailgate Chair

This best selling chair from Coleman is an absolute hit with football fans and consistently scores 5*s reviews. Lightweight and portable, this stylish folding chair sports a built in cooler with a 4-6 can capacity, as well as a handy cup holder in the arm and matching carrying case. 

*video below shows standard Coleman quad chair, but the features are the same as the NFL version.

Rawlings Folding Tailgate Chair

Another popular choice with tailgaters is the Rawlings chair, which also comes with built in cup holder and matching carrying case. Rawlings are one of the leading manufacturers of sports goods around and their chair features a ‘no sag’ seat, which helps ensure your butt stays comfy at all those tailgate parties!

Logo Brands Game Time Tailgate Chair

Just incase one isn't enough, the Logo Brands chair features 2 handy cup holders - one in each arm rest. The seat back is also partially made of mesh for added comfort and breathability - making it a good choice for those hot summer BBQS.

Rawlings Hall Of Fame Tailgate Bundle

One chair not enough? Don't worry, we've got you covered for that too. With the Rawlings NFL Hall Of Fame Tailgate Bundle you can take your tailgate or backyard football party to the absolute next level. The 7 piece bundle includes 4 folding tailgate chairs, a tailgate table, tailgate canopy, plus a 16 can cooler. 

Get your favorite NFL team tailgate chair today and show everyone whose side you're on!

The Coleman Cooler Quad Chair vs The Rawlings Tailgate Chair vs The Logo Brands Game Time Chair: Which One Is Best?

COMPARISON CHART: Main Features At A Glance

Coleman NFL Folding Cooler Quad Chair

Rawlings NFL Folding Tailgate Chair

Logo Brands NFL Folding Elite Chair

A Coleman NFL folding tailgate cooler chair featuring the colors and logo of the Arizona Cardinals football team.
A Rawlings NFL folding tailgate chair featuring the colors and logo of the Arizona Cardinals.

Chair Colors/Design:

Seat in main team color with white trim. Team logo on front & back.

Dual color pattern with logo on front & team name on back.

2 color design with logo on seat back & front.

Chair Material:

Canvas with powder coated steel frame

Polyester with powder-coated steel frame

Polyester with powder-coated steel frame

Chair Dimensions:

40 in x 24 in x 36 in

36 in X 27 in X 37 in

33.5 in X 23 in X 33 in

Carrying Case:




Built In Cup Holder:

Yes - one 

Yes - one 

Yes - two

Built In Cooler:

Yes (holds 4-6 cans)



Built In Program Pouch:




Any Additional Features:


'No sag' seat

Partial mesh back for comfort & breathability

NFL & NCAAA Options?




Our Star Rating 

4.8 out of 5

4.3 out of 5

4.3 out of 5

Compare Prices Online:

Breaking It Down

When searching for the best folding tailgate chair for your needs, we recommend keeping a few things in mind. 

Comfort. Ease of use & portability. Durability. Beverage storage. Value for money.

Let's take a look at the folding tailgate chairs above with each of these factors in mind.


Let's face it, no one wants to sit out a tailgate party or summertime BBQ squirming around in an uncomfortable chair. So comfort is key.

All the featured chairs get great reviews from customers on the comfy front, but the Coleman chair pips the post due to it's slightly larger chair dimensions and the small amount of extra padding in the seat and chair back. A little extra padding can go a long way, right!

Winner: Coleman NFL Cooler Quad Chair

Ease Of Use & Portablity

Battling with an unwieldy chair isn't what anyone wants, especially after a few beers! You'll have no problem with any of our featured folding tailgate chairs though, as they all featured lightweight steel legs which collapse in seconds. All the chairs also come with matching carry cases, making storage and transportation a cinch. 

Winner: All the featured chairs collapse in seconds and are easy to use, transport and store.

Beverage Storage

When choosing the best folding tailgate chair for your needs, another feature to consider is (of course!) beverage storage. All the featured chairs include a cup holder built into the chair, (the Logo Brands Elite Folding chair includes 2), ensuring easy access to a beer or soft drink, but the Coleman NFL Folding Cooler Quad Chair pips it again here, thanks to it's built in cooler. 

The only folding tailgate chair we could find with it's own cooler built into the arm rest, the Coleman chair offers you easy access to between 4 and 6 cans without the need to even get up out of your chair (and risk someone else sitting in it!).

Winner: Coleman NFL Cooler Quad Chair


Even if your tailgate chair looks good, no one wants a folding chair that's going to break after you've had a beer (or six). 

Whilst all the featured chairs get largely positive reviews from customers (all chairs get over 75% 5 * reviews at the time of writing), the Rawlings and Logo Brands chairs receive the most reviews from customers who aren't completely happy with the quality of the build, with their chairs either ripping or breaking within a short period of time.

A number of customers also comment on the plastic feet stoppers and the fact they can have a tendency to fall off on the Rawlings chair. The Coleman chair, in comparison, has twice as many reviews and maintains over 85% 5* reviews at the time of writing.

Winner: Coleman NFL Cooler Quad Chair

Value For Money

All the featured chairs come in at under $40, making them all an affordable piece of tailgate gear. 

The Rawlings NFL folding chair, however, is often available on Amazon for under $20. With consistently positive reviews from customers, this is an amazing price for a quality tailgate chair branded in your favorite NFL team.

Winner: Rawlings Folding Tailgate Chair

Final Verdict: Our Favorite NFL Folding Tailgate Chair

Any of the NFL folding tailgate chairs featured above will provide you with a sturdy, easy to use, leightweight chair for your tailgate or backyard football party. 

The Coleman, Rawlings and Logo Brands tailgate chairs are all available customized in your favorite NFL (or NCAA) team, plus all the chairs include a handy carrying bag, for easy transportation and storage. All the chairs also feature a cup holder - a feature most tailgaters want from their chairs. 

Ultimately, a tailgate chair customised to your favorite NFL team is a personal choice, but our hands down favorite is the Coleman NFL Folding Cooler Quad Chair. It's a stylish piece of tailgate gear, plus it's the only featured chair with a built in cooler, which has a capacity of between 4-6 cans (depending on size).

The Coleman NFL Quad Chair also comes in slightly larger than the other tailgate chairs, plus it features a little extra padding on the seat and chair back, adding to the all important comfort factor.

The Coleman NFL Chair is also a huge hit with customers - scoring an impressive 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon (87% of buyers gave it 5*s at the time of writing). Customer repeatedly praise the chair's comfort and quality and the addition of the built in insulated cooler.

Whichever folding tailgate chair you opt for, happy tailgating!

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