Hey fellow football fan!

I’m Sarah and I hail from a long line of sports fans – everything from football, basketball and golf to athletics and baseball – in fact, if you can  name a sport, someone, somewhere, in my family probably watches it!

In fact, sport runs right through our family and has done for many a generation.

My childhood was filled with afternoons around the grandparents house watching the latest football match on TV and I always ended up sitting on a folding canvas chair, because all the other seats were taken.

A blue and white Coleman NFL folding tailgate chair featuring the colors and logo of the LA Chargers football team.

It was actually a folding picnic or camping chair as I recall and I always felt like I’d been given my very own special seat to the game (although in truth, I think it was more the fact that I was 9 years old and probably the least likely to moan at not getting the couch!

Anyway, how I would have loved it if my ‘football chair’ had actually sported the colors and logo of my favorite NFL team, the Los Angeles Chargers.

So I created this site, as a homage to my childhood folding football chair!

I don’t think football tailgate chairs existed when I was a kid, (how old am I!), but the good news is, you can pick one up today, in just about any NFL team color, for only a few bucks.

You can pick your favorite NFL tailgate chair here.

Enjoy the game (or next tailgate party)!


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