The Best Tailgate Chairs For Sporting Events

Looking for the best tailgate chairs out there for sporting events?

Not everyone has the same needs in a tailgate chair, so we've got you covered for all eventualities in this article. 

From best selling NFL and NCAA folding tailgate chairs and tailgate bundles, to the best heavy duty folding chairs and the best tailgate chairs with a built in canopy, check out the sections below to find our top recommendations in each category.

A Coleman NFL folding tailgate cooler chair featuring the colors and logo of the Arizona Cardinals football team.


NFL Folding Tailgate Chairs

All serious tailgaters need a comfy chair, right?

Then how about one customised in your favorite team colors with the team logo on the seat back?

For some of the best customized tailgate chairs out there, look no further than those made by Coleman, Rawlings & Logo Brands. Our top pick is the Coleman Quad Chair, but all the chairs are comfortable to sit in, a cinch to fold up and down, plus their lightweight steel frames mean they're a breeze to transport in the carry case. 

In their collapsed state, the chairs also take up hardly any storge space, plus they also feature a cup holder in the armrest, for your favorite beer or cool drink. The Coleman chair even has a built in cooler, with a capacity of between 4 and 6 cans, which means a cool one is always within reach.

Or if you want more ventilation from your chair, try the Logo Brand chair, with it's partial mesh seat for extra breathability.

A Coleman NCAA Portable Folding Tailgate Chair with Cup Holder and Carrying Case.


NCAA Folding Tailgate Chairs

If college football is more your thing, Coleman, Rawlings and Logo Brand also produce folding tailgate chairs in all the NCAA team colors, complete with team logo printed on the seat back.

So whether you're cheering on Ohio State or the Oregon Ducks, sit back and relax in a chair to match the occasion.

Arizona Cardinals NFL Hall of Fame Tailgate Bundle.


NFL Tailgate Bundles

If you want to go all out and create the ultimate tailgating experience,  check out the NFL Hall Of Fame Tailgate Bundles from Rawlings. 

These bundles would work just as good at your backyard BBQ as they would in a parking lot too.

A Rawlings tailgate bundles includes:

  • 4 NFL Kickoff Quad Folding Chairs 
  • 1 NFL Straight Leg Canopy
  • 1 NFL 16 Can Soft Sided Cooler
  • 1 NFL Endzone Table featuring team logo.

Everthing in the bundle features your team logo and the chairs, canopy and table all come with their own carry case, making packing up and transportation to and from your vehicle really easy.

A Rawlings NCAA Hall of Fame Tailgate Bundle featuring the colors of UCLA.


NCAA Tailgate Bundles

Rawlings also produce an NCAA Hall Of Fame Tailgate Bundle, which just like the NFL version, features:

  • 4 NCAA Kickoff Quad Folding Chairs 
  • 1 NCAA Straight Leg Canopy
  • 1 NCAA 16 Can Soft Sided Cooler
  • 1 NCAA Endzone Table featuring team logo.
  • A Coleman MLB folding tailgate quad chair on Amazon.


    MLB Folding Tailgate Chairs

    If baseball is more up your street, the ever popular and high quality Coleman brand also produce a folding tailgate chair in many of the major baseball team colors. You'll find the team logo on the front and back of the chair and a cup holder in the arm rest.

    There's also the usual lightweight carry bag for easy transportation and storage.

    A red Coleman oversized folding, heavy duty tailgate quad chair.


    Heavy Duty Tailgate Chairs

    Looking for the best tailgate chair for the heavier or taller build?

    Most regular folding sporting chairs have a maximum weight capacity of up to around 325 lbs. So if you're on the tall or heavy side (or both), then a regular folding chair just won't cut it. No one wants an arm rest that breaks, when you push down on it to get up, or a frame that digs into your legs and starts causing you discomfort after 5 minutes.

    This is where a heavy duty tailgate chair can come in really helpful and there are some great ones out there - some with a weight capacity up to 800 lbs. 

    We researched and reviewed four of the best tailgate chairs for the taller and oversized build we could find. 

    Our top pick is the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler or you can click on the link below to read the full review.

    A Kelsyus folding tailgate chair with canopy on Amazon.


    Tailgate Chairs With a Canopy

    One of the worst things about sitting in a parking lot can be the weather (or running out of beer), which is where a tailgate chair with a canopy can be a real saviour.

    From blazing sun to light wind and rain, a folding chair with a built in adjustable canopy can really help protect you from the elements. 

    So save you time, we've tracked down four of the best tailgate chairs with a canopy we could find and reviewed them. Our favorite is the Kelsyus folding chair with canopy.

    For a detailed run down of the Kelsyus canopy chair (plus 3 more of the best tailgate chair with a canopy),,click the link below.

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